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Mission & Value


Viwit is striving to become a global leading innovation-driven pharmaceutical healthcare company, creating values for customers, employees, shareholders and society, and contributing for people’s growing demand for healthier living.


Innovation for a better life.

Code of Conduct

IntegrityRespect Collaboration and Excellence

The Code of Conduct is an essential part of Viwit culture. The Code apply to all Viwit employees and stakeholders. They are guiding principles for our everyday action.

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

We act with honesty. We are transparent in our decisions. We deliver on our promises. We do what’s right.

Respect is the positive attitude toward our work and our fellow employees, and the valuing of diversity to maximize innovation.

We value work as a means to achieving personal value. We treat everyone with respect. We engage and empower employees. We believe in the importance of diversity in inspiring innovation.

Collaboration means working together with a sense of shared responsibility to achieve our common purpose, both internally and in our interactions with our stakeholders.

We think and act with the “big picture” in mind. We encourage teamwork and open communication. We value the exchange of ideas and expertise. We succeed by working together.

Excellence is about the quality of our work, and we strive for excellence in everything that we do.

We deliver the highest quality in all we do. We drive innovation and continuous improvement. We strive to achieve and to raise the bar. We are passionate to make a difference.

Business Values

Customer is our first priority. First thing first: leadership team and people development. Innovation is our leading growth strategy.

Customer is our first priority

Viwit business activities are market oriented and customer centered. .The health needs of patients and customers are the focus of Viwit. We align the value realization of employee and the purpose of Viwit business operation to be the same as delivering value to customers.

First thing first: leadership team and people development

We put team building and people development as the top priority of Viwit management. We hold managment team accountable for what they are responsible, and selecting suitable leadership team of different level is the key to success.

Innovation is our leading growth strategy.

Innovation is the leading driver for Viwit growth. We promote collaboration both internally and with partners. We foster open atmosphere and diversity to inspring innovation. We invest more than 10% of our revenue into developing new technologies and products to satisfy the ever-increasing needs of customers.