Viwit fundamental requirement for our employee is following Viwit Code of Conduct: Integrity, Respect, Collaboration and Excellence. We believe the Code stand above individual’s professional knowledge and capacity., and our leaders need both good morals and professional

Employees’ Code of Conduct deeply influence the corporate culture. Good Code of Conduct, behavior and actions of Viwit employees cast positive energy and create healthy corporate culture. Positive energy and healthy culture are the foundation to cultivate Viwit’s sustainable development objectives.

Why Viwit

We value diversity of people and professional leaders coming from all backgrounds. We foster open atmosphere to give people room for creativity, innovation and realizing their potentials.

For young professionals, we set up well-planned training programs for our employees, and develop career development plan for every employee,, and encourages employees to actively participate in self-development programs.

We assign mentors for every new graduate, and mentors will help new graduates with career planning, how to find work/life balance and how to take the most efficient way to achieve career development goals.