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Viwit is a learning organization that facilitates the career training and development of employees.

Career training of employees at Viwit is centered on career development and planning, integrating company vision with individual vision to maximize employees’ potential and grow into a win-win relationship.

Training Effectiveness

Viwit adopts practices such as internal job rotation, on-the-job training, incentive system and etc., and takes efforts to make training interactive, practical and coherent. The aim of training is to make employees understand training contents and improve their abilities to apply theory to real-world working scenario.

Training Effectiveness Tracking and Evaluation

In order to ensure training result-oriented, Viwit consistently urges training to be applied in real work environment and its effectiveness assessed. Viwit pays great attention to the change process from training to work improvement, and requires all divisions to coordinate to make training truly effective and meaningful.

Working Environment Feedback Mechanism

Viwit thinks that one important factor of employee job satisfaction is employee satisfaction with working environment. Therefore, Viwit tries to create a harmonious, happy and clean working environment. Viwit organized "Viwit Family Union", one of whose main responsibilities is to regularly survey employees working environment, including mechanisms to monitor workplace environment, employee satisfaction survey, mechanism to collect employees’ comments and suggestions, and improvements of working environment based on survey feedbacks.