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At Viwit, our pursuit of quality is not limited to the operational level, but is valued at every level of our business. Our Quality Management System, which is based on current industry and regulatory concepts for a modern quality management system, ensures that quality is fully integrated into our global business processes.
        Our team of highly professional experts assures that the quality of our products is maintained at all stages of the production process. Strict compliance with cGMP procedures, well documented SOPs, modern quality control laboratory and comprehensive quality risk assessment guarantee the products produced by Viwit are of the highest quality.
Quality Management System
■ Fully equipped quality control department with latest laboratory instruments and technologies
■ Professionally qualified personnel to ensure qualified and reliable products to customers
■ Dedicated to build and maintain the quality system according to cGMP and ICH
■ Committed to improve our quality system consistently to match any international level
Quality Control Department

Analytical Laboratories 3,500 m2 Microbial Tests Laboratories 300 m2
Agilent HPLC 1260 35 Dionex HPLC U3000 8
Agilent GC 7890A 9 Thermo Fisher G 4
Agilent FT-IR 640 4 Mettler KF Titrator V20 5
Agilent LC-MS 6410 4 Malvern Mastersizer 2000 2
Shimadzu TOC-L 2 Temperature Humidity Chamber 15