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Research & Development

Research and development remain vital to the overall value chain and are essential to our company. We therefore invest heavily in basic and applied research. Two R&D centers of Viwit in Zaozhuang and Tengzhou develop innovative, scalable, and cost-effective technologies, chemical processes and analytical methods for our FDFs and APIs. Two technology centers based in Shanghai and Boston, US support our research with achieved scientists and knowledge development. In addition, Viwit offers fully integrated FDF and API development services, including API research, process development, analytical development, pre-formulation studies, prototype formulation development and drug consistency evaluation. The activities are conducted in our cGMP facility and supported by a full range of analytical capabilities including microbial tests and stability studies. Our strength is the vertical integration with state of the art R&D facility for FDFs and APIs.

FDF R&D Center

R&D Laboratories 2,000 m2
Fume Hoods 32


Boiling Granulator Rotary tablet Press
Oscillating Granulator Wet Mixing Granulator
Automatic Blister Packing Machine Three-dimensional Motion Mixer
Dissolution Tester Automatic Disintegration Tester
... ...

API R&D Center

R&D Laboratories 3,000 m2
Fume Hoods 68(including 8 walk-in hoods)
Jacketed Glass Reactors            20 L, 50 L and 80 L
Hydrogen Reactors 0.5 L, 2 L and 5 L
Rotary Evaporators 1 L, 2 L and 20 L
Temperature -80 oC to 280 oC
Pressure 1 mmHg to 10 Mpa
... ...