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Products & Technologies


The development of society and economy, change of disease spectra, aging population and people's concept of better health are the driving forces behind the development of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Chiral drugs are not only more effective, but also have fewer side effects. Viwit focuses on technically challenging chiral drugs with good market demand as R&D projects. Since 2006, Viwit has completed the development and pilot production of a number of chiral APIs and formulations.


Viwit innovation team is made up of scientists and engineers who are capable of independent development of new products and technologies. Viwit invests heavily in training of professional and technical personnel, which are the backbone of innovation at Viwit. Viwit chooses to focus on the development of innovative products which are technologically challenging and at the same with high value added. By integration of internal and external scientific and technological resources, Viwit has established an energetic high-caliber R&D team, who is capable of conducting research in existing technologies as well as in emerging technologies, and who forms the basis of Viwit innovation platform serving the whole Company.