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Sustainability of environment is the key part of sustainability. Since inception Viwit has put a lot of time and energy into environmental protection efforts, and has maintained to implement EHS (environment-health-safety) policy as well as energy saving and emission reduction practice as development strategy.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Viwit complies with relevant international standards and environmental policies.

Viwit regards environmental protection as important as technology innovation. EHS (environment-health-safety) is a basic policy at Viwit. We continuously improve our management system, raise environmental awareness, and take the most efforts to reduce waste emission and usage of hazardous substances.

For new research projects, Viwit requires environmental proposal to get project approval. For new commercial projects, Viwit requires the approval of environmental solution before production. Viwit has dedicated team working on environmental evaluation of new projects to explore the best practice of waste treatment and reduce waste emissions.

Viwit strictly follows international standards in waste management. Viwit invested heavily in waste disposal and recycling, including exhaust gas treatment system and waste water treatment system. Wastes are treated until they conform to state and regional standards and regulations before discharge.

In order to reduce exhaust gas emissions, Viwit uses advanced equipments and processes, such as closed reaction system, organic waste condensation/recycling system, and membrane filtration system.